OLi serves as the lifeline between a company developing a technology product and its potential customers in the educational space. OLi's expertise in the hierarchical structure of the education market and our understanding of how adoption decisions are made provides seamless support and guidance to a company launching an educational technology product. Market research services include:

  • Forming review panels
  • Finding faculty and end users willing to give detailed feedback
  • Establishing pilot programs of new products, synthesizing background data regarding product trends, etc.

Our services are tailor-made to the needs of the commercial client, and thus may vary, but our delivery is the same every time: professional, courteous, and relevant. Our understanding of the nuances of the educational space and our exclusive focus on this market put us head and shoulders above other market research companies.
We make sure you know.

In addition to marketing research, OLi can also provide a turnkey sales solution to commercial clients needing assistance getting their technology product into the right hands. OLi's expertise in the higher education market offers our clients a keen competitive advantage. Combining our marketing and sales services yields our clients a greater understanding of the market for future products, and an overall increase in sales. OLi has become a valuable partner to companies who want to target the educational marketplace by helping these companies:

  • Identify their target audience
  • Gather market-specific data
  • Ultimately close the sale

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