Since its inception in 2005, Optimized Learning Inc. (OLi) has established itself as an integral partner and technology liaison to the educational community. OLi's mission statement focuses the company's energy on bridging the gap between educational technology and the end user. We aim to significantly improve:

  • Our clients' understanding of the marketplace
  • Ease implementation of new technology
  • Significantly improve the total return on your technology investment dollar

With this aim, OLi has been instrumental in helping universities and companies optimize their technology resources and people power. OLi has helped clients utilize open source CMS platforms, digital repositories created for digital content management, and a host of other technology solutions aimed at enhancing learning for today's student. OLi's commitment to technology and education is evidenced in everything we do. We make sure you know.

In 2006, OLi created the Professional Services Division, which has become the fastest-growing component of the company.

  • By utilizing the relationships OLi has established in the educational community, OLi is able to offer marketing research and sales support to our technology-focused commercial clients.
  • OLi's knowledge of the education marketplace allows for a targeted and time saving approach.
  • OLi's understanding of how campus decisions are made allows our professional sales team to drive significant revenue on your behalf.

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