William "Butch" Porter founded Optimized Learning, Inc. (OLi) in 2005 when he recognized that technology was advancing at such a rapid pace that many schools were having difficulty keeping up. Concurrently, many companies were creating compelling technology innovations for education, but they did not always understand the idiosyncrasies of the education marketplace.

OLi was founded to help both schools and technology companies partner in such a way that learning was truly optimized. OLi immediately filled a gap for smaller schools that wanted to embrace some of the open source CMS solutions by offering them web hosting. This hosting capability remains a core OLi service for both educational and commercial clients.

OLi's Professional Services division grew out of the recognition that commercial companies often needed help finding key decision makers when launching a new technology product. OLi is uniquely positioned to assist with this process by providing market research and sales support while also benefiting clients with a deep understanding of the education market. Founder Butch Porter recognized that companies developing new media products for education could benefit from the same review process and scrutiny that has traditionally accompanied the development of educational print media.

The focus on getting the right information into the right hands is one of OLi's core strengths.

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